Vearsa Tracker

Vearsa Tracker enables you to see how your books appear online at a glance.

The information you need to publish smarter

Vearsa Tracker monitors retailer websites daily for millions of titles. It consolidates powerful availability, pricing, geographic rights, and competitor data. This allows you to optimize pricing and metadata. Reduce lost revenue opportunities. And best of all, eliminate gut-based decision-making.

Improve Availability

An audit of major retailers found that up to 20% of most publishers’ titles are not available for sale at any one time. Vearsa Tracker eliminates lost sales opportunities. With each Tracker report you will see exactly where your problem titles lie, and be able to resolve issues in hours—not weeks.

Your Vearsa Tracker report will show you:

  • Physical and digital title availability
  • Monitor retailer discounts
  • Show geographic rights enforcement

Data-Based Pricing

Vearsa Tracker gathers real-time pricing data on millions of titles. Demystify the global eBook market and give yourself the keys to price based on data, not instinct.

Vearsa Tracker returns:

  • Market-wide pricing data
  • Systematic mining of pricing by category and format
  • Immediate feedback on price adjustments and promotions

Market Insights

Vearsa Tracker monitors in-store rankings and competitive titles. Be the first to spot trending categories and potential acquisition targets. Capitalize on critical business insights early with industry-wide, customizable data.

  • Investigate by genre, territory, format and more
  • Get ahead of trends
  • Identify backlist opportunities
  • Understand what makes each market different

Discoverability Optimization

Discoverability starts with having the right data. Vearsa Tracker gives you the information you need to dramatically increase your sales.

With Vearsa Tracker you will:

  • Continuously improve your metadata
  • Evaluate competitor strategy in real time
  • Capitalize on insights immediately
  • Measure your own performance in the marketplace

Vearsa Tracker gives you the edge

For the first time, understand what your retailers are doing without manual spot-checks. Are your titles listed correctly? Are they in the best possible position to sell? Be in the know - ask about Vearsa Tracker today. Contact Us

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